What is the waterproof construction technology of the bathroom? What is the waterproof height of the bathroom?

The bathroom is an indispensable space in people's life, and she is the place that encounters the most water. The waterproof construction in the living room is directly related to the quality of life of the owner in the future. Therefore, waterproofing is the most critical step in bathroom decoration. So what is the waterproof construction technology of the bathroom and what is the waterproof height of the bathroom? Let's take a look!

What is the waterproof construction technology of the bathroom

1. Material preparation

To make the bathroom waterproof, we must first prepare the construction tools, the necessary tools are: brush, scraper, paint. Among them, the choice of paint is very important. Commonly used are JS waterproof paint and K11 waterproof paint. It is best to choose big brand paint with good quality and reliability.

2. Construction process

The first step: grassroots treatment, cleaning

The basic level of the bathroom needs to be handled well, and it is necessary to observe the aspects of water and electricity, and to transform it according to the actual situation. It is also necessary to clean up the original decorative materials, flatten them with cement paste, and then do waterproof treatment.

Step 2: Brush the first Waterproof Coating

Then, start to paint the first pass of the waterproof coating. When applying the paint, keep the base layer firm to avoid cracks and shedding.

Step 3: Brush the waterproof coating a second time

The bathroom waterproofing also needs to carry out the second waterproof construction. The two brushings must be kept for a certain period of time, and the second waterproofing coating can only be applied after the first drying. It should be noted that the time between two paintings cannot be too short, otherwise it will affect the waterproof effect.

The fourth step: laying protective layer

In order to avoid damage to the waterproof layer in subsequent construction, a protective layer should be laid on the surface of the waterproof layer to avoid damage to the waterproof layer during construction.

Step 5: Closed water test

After waterproofing is done, finally remember to do the water-closing test. It should be noted that the water line of the ground point should not be less than 2cm, keep it for at least 24 hours, and observe whether there is leakage.

What is the waterproof height of the bathroom

1. Waterproof decoration height of waterproof wall

Normally, the waterproof wall must be 30cm high. If the entire wall is waterproof, the basic waterproof height should be at least 1.8 meters. And the height of the waterproof wall of the bathroom where the shower room is installed should be 1.8 meters. If there is a bathtub, the waterproof height of the wall of the bathroom is about 30cm higher than that of the bathtub.

2. Waterproof decoration height of toilet washbasin and urinal

The wall surface of the bathroom that is in contact with the wash basin should be at least 300mm higher than the wash basin. If the toilet is installed with a urinal, the waterproof height should be 1.8m above the ground.

3. Height of waterproof decoration of toilet floor

Toilet floor waterproofing is an important part of bathroom decoration, so the height of the floor waterproofing must be done. The toilet floor waterproofing must be used first. 1: 3 cement mortar is used to find the slope layer. The thin part of the ground should also be 20 mm thick and 30 mm thick dry hard cement mortar bonding layer, slope to the floor drain, and smooth it at a time.

4. Waterproof decoration height of bathroom floor tiles

When the bathroom floor tiles are waterproof, in addition to the waterproof layer under the surface layer of the laying floor tiles, cement mortar should also be used to level the ground. The contact area between the floor tile waterproof layer and the wall should be raised upwards, about 25-30cm above the ground.

Editor's summary: The above is about how the bathroom waterproof construction process is, how much the bathroom waterproof height is introduced here, I hope to help everyone! Toilet waterproofing is very important. If you do n’t know how to do construction, you can learn from the above toilet waterproofing construction techniques.

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Toilet waterproof construction technology

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