Rice disease trends and control methods in late July and August

Late July : It is a critical period of initial infection of rice sheath blight and rice blast. Some rice varieties are at the end of the booting stage. The young ears are slightly exposed in the leaves. The so-called "breaking period", susceptible bacterial brown spot, first application It should be during this period.

Mid-August : It is a period of susceptible to sheath blight and rice blast. Some varieties break their mouth during this period, and they are susceptible to browning and earing. In the middle and late August, it is the longitudinal development period of sheath blight, and it is also the main period of the invasion of the neck blast caused by the invasion of rice blast, or the period when the sheath rot is beginning to be popular, and the application can be controlled according to the specific conditions.

(Source: Rice Plant Protection Online)

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Crude Brick Texture PU Sandwich Panels

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