How to deal with the most cost-effective old wall treatment points on the old wall

The house has been decorated for a long time, and it is easy to appear aging. We all know that house demolition is a waste of manpower, material resources and waste of money. Many owners only know how to save money when purchasing decoration materials, then everyone knows the old How to deal with the wall to save the most money? Everyone doesn't know! Today, Xiaobian will go with the big to see how the old wall handles the most cost-effective and old wall treatment points!


How do the old walls deal with the most money?

1. Reasonably select materials to avoid material waste

The so-called reasonable selection of materials actually means that the wall in the house should be properly planned, and then the suitable materials can be purchased according to the planned plan, which can also save the decoration cost.

2, the selection of the decoration workers is the key

Before the wall decoration, it is now necessary to select the workers who decorate the wall. How can we choose the workers who decorate the wall? Because the decoration workers are responsible for the construction tasks of the entire wall, if the owner finds some experience is not rich, there is no credibility. The decoration workers come to the construction, and there will always be problems in the decoration process, so it is still necessary to select some experienced and reputable decoration masters.

3, only do the grassroots processing

This kind of wall treatment will make the room modern and spacious, but it lacks a little change, but it is a good way to save money. However, it should be reminded that many industrial coatings are more or less toxic. Pay attention to ventilation during construction. After construction, it should be volatilized for at least one week before they can be admitted.

Old wall treatment points

1, the wall must be cleaned

Before we do the refurbishment, we must first remove the paint or wallpaper, and then polish it to clean up the skin and dust on the original wall. If there is a small part of the wall and the crack

If you can, we can fill it up with putty.


2, the primer is essential

When we clean the wall, we must first apply a primer. The reason for this is that the bottom substrate should be sealed first, which can resist alkali and moisture, and can improve the quality and hiding power of the area. . Especially when renovating the old house, the primer is the most important. If it is directly painted, the wall will be easy to foam and mold, and soon it will fall off again.

3, repair should be comprehensive

We must check every corner before repairing. If there is any ruggedness, it must be repaired or removed in time. Because if you wait until the lacquering project is completed, the effect will not be good. For example, it is prone to problems such as chromatic aberration. Therefore, we must be careful and comprehensive when repairing, and do not burden the later projects.

4, the topcoat should be well-proportioned

We must read the instructions before brushing the topcoat and mix and apply according to the proportions in the manual. And we should try to prepare as much as possible to avoid rearrangement and avoid chromatic aberration. When brushing the topcoat, choose a good quality paint roller, so that the texture will be more even and beautiful.

When I am renovating old houses, I will consider not only saving money, but learning how to construct is what we all need to learn. The above is how the old wall that is introduced to you today is the most cost-effective and old wall treatment points. It is over here. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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