Some large growers in the Northeast have liked to apply their own mixed fertilizers in recent years, but they often encounter various unpredictable problems during the mixed application process, and they are confused because they are not handled well. In order to help farmers overcome the technical
A natural acidic vitreous lava volcanic non-metallic mineral, including perlite, rosin and obsidian, all of which differ only in crystal water content. Since it expands rapidly 4 to 30 times under high temperature conditions of 1000 to 1300 ° C, it is collectively referred to as expanded pe
Mr. Huang Binghui, who lives in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, has no anti-theft network installed in his home area. When he first checked in, the property company took a chest to ensure that the owner could not install the security network to protect the appearance. However, he di
The wave brick is a kind of brush that grinds the brick surface with a special brush made of composite material, which makes the wave brick produce a new artistic effect. Like the "water wave", it has a "stereo wave", which produces the tile. Surface effect. Between the po
Air cooler, commonly known as: Evaporative air conditioner is an air conditioner that has recently used the temperature of tap water to reach the indoor temperature. The main production base is located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, and has been radiated to various regions of Fujian and Sichuan,
According to reports, the December settlement price for paraxylene (PX) contracts in the United States is expected to rise, but the final settlement price has not yet been determined, market participants said. Market participants pointed out that the factors driving the US PX price increas