The home is good for feng shui, and the family is prosperous and vigorous. Among them, the restaurant feng shui is an important one. In the restaurant space layout, the table collocation is the center of gravity, and the table feng shui will vary according to the size of the table, the layout
The universal wheel is a so-called movable caster, whose structure allows a 360 degree rotation. Castors are collectively referred to as movable casters and fixed casters. Fixed casters have no rotating structure, they cannot rotate horizontally but only vertically. These two types of cast
1. Reasonably adjust the light and temperature in the shed. Illumination is a key factor in determining the temperature in the shed, so adjusting the illumination and regulating the temperature are consistent. When the temperature in the shed exceeds 35 °C and lasts for more than 2 hours, the fl
Today, more and more people are paying attention to their quality of life. Wearing shoes we pursue leather, because wearing comfortable, dressing we pursue fur, because looking at luxury. Buying a set of leather sofas has also become the pursuit of many people. When you have a leather sofa, do
Classic liquid wallpaper color matching method: Wood color + white: simple liquid wallpaper effect If you like the noble and meticulous style, then the safe white and wood color is undoubtedly the best choice. It is gentle like a spring breeze, calm and leisurely lake, and at the same time n