The first-class high-precision laser displacement sensor has great prospects, Shaanxi Province has a broad market and is trustworthy

China Hardware Business Network Since its establishment, Wuxi Hongchuan has been focusing on the production of laser ranging sensors, line laser displacement sensors and other products. The company has multiple laser safety scanners and machine vision inspection production lines. It has become a complete solution service provider for the welding seam tracking system x33ad1an industry.

The basic information of the German SICK agent product is as follows: Product name: high-precision laser displacement sensor; brand trademark: Wuxi Hongchuan; price: 1; after-sales service: high quality; Lidar 2D LiDAR product details: high-precision laser displacement sensor is used Sensors that measure with laser technology. It consists of laser, laser detector and measuring circuit. Laser sensor is a new type of measuring instrument. It can accurately measure the position, displacement and other changes of the measured object in a non-contact manner. It can measure precise geometric measurements such as displacement, thickness, vibration, distance and diameter. The laser has excellent characteristics of good straightness, and also the laser displacement sensor has higher accuracy than the known ultrasonic sensors. However, the laser generating device is relatively complicated and large in size, so it will have strict requirements on the application range of the laser displacement sensor. Laser displacement sensors are often used for the measurement of physical quantities such as length, distance, vibration, speed, azimuth, etc., and can also be used for flaw detection and monitoring of atmospheric pollutants, etc. 1. Size measurement: position identification of tiny parts; monitoring of parts on conveyor belts; materials Detection of overlap and coverage; control of robot position (tool center position); detection of device status; detection of device position (through small holes); liquid level monitoring; thickness measurement; vibration analysis; collision test measurement; automobile related tests, etc. . 2. Thickness measurement of metal flakes and thin plates: Laser sensors measure the thickness of metal flakes (thin plates). Detection of changes in thickness can help to find wrinkles, small holes or overlaps to avoid machine failure. 3. The measurement of the cylinder barrel at the same time: angle, length, eccentricity of inner and outer diameters, conicity, concentricity and surface profile. 4. Length measurement: Place the measured component on the conveyor belt at the specified position, the laser sensor detects the component and measures at the same time with the triggered laser scanner, and finally obtains the length of the component. 5. Uniformity check: put several laser sensors in a row in the tilt direction of the workpiece to be measured, and directly output the metric value through a sensor. In addition, you can also use a software to calculate the metric value and read it according to the signal or data The results. 6. Inspection of electronic components: use two laser scanners to place the component under test between the two, and finally read the data through the sensor to detect the accuracy and integrity of the component size. 7. Filling level inspection on the production line: The laser sensor is integrated into the manufacturing of the filled product. When the filled product passes the sensor, it can detect whether it is full. The extended program of the laser beam reflecting surface of the sensor can accurately identify whether the filled product is qualified and the quantity of the product. 8. The sensor measures the straightness of the object: first you need 2-3 laser displacement sensors for combined measurement, as shown in the figure. Then install the three laser displacement sensors on a straight line parallel to the production line, and determine the distance between the three laser displacement sensors according to the measurement accuracy you need. Finally, you need to advance this object parallel to the installation line of the laser displacement sensor. When the production line and the installation line of the sensor are parallel, the greater the difference in distance measured by the three sensors, the worse the straightness of the object, and the smaller the difference in distance measured by the three sensors, indicating the straightness of the object The better, you can establish a straightness percentage based on the length of the object you want to measure and the distance between the installation of the three sensors, so as to obtain a quantitative signal output, which has achieved the purpose of detecting the straightness of the object.

Wuxi Hongchuan has established a strong and after-sales service network across the country. A number of technical consultants and after-sales engineers are located in various regions of the country, which can provide users with high-quality and efficient service guarantees. After many years of market verification, Wuxi Hongchuan Lidar 2D LiDAR provides one-stop service from quotation to after-sales service tracking. How to choose and choose Wuxi Hongchuan, welcome to visit-:. China Hardware Business Network'First-class high-precision laser displacement sensor has great prospects, Shaanxi Province has a broad market and is trustworthy

Function Supplying cold or hot water
Material  Brass 
Finishing Chrome
Cartridge Ceramic
Package Inner packing: Cloth bag, 
Brown color carton Outer packing: Kraft carton 
The package can be also done as customers' requirement
Product Technical Database
Material  Brass 
Surface Polish
Material analysis Cu≥59% 
Water Pressure Testing 1.6MPA 
Air Pressure Testing  0.8MPA
The Thickness Of Chrome Plating Nickel:7.5~9.5um Chrome:0.25~0.45um
Salt Spray Test 24 hours
Water flow bath/shower mixer≥18L/MIN, other mixer≥12L/MIN" "
Cartridge Life time  500,000 cycles 
Quality Guarantee 5 years Quality Guarantee
Environmentally-friendly, excellent resistance in corrosion and abrasion




Packaging & Shipping



Inner Cloth bag, white/brown/color box
Outer 8/10/12 boxes in craft carton
Sample Order Ex-work by courier freight collect
Mass Order Ex-work, FOB Jiangmen by sea LCL/20'/40' ;  Ex-Work for air shipment



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