What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy door and window curtain wall manufacturers?

When I mention the door and window curtain wall, I believe that everyone will say that it is not very clear about the door and window curtain wall. In fact, the door and window curtain wall is very common in our daily life. Next, the decoration house is a small series, for everyone to introduce. Doors and windows curtain wall, first of all, let's take a look at the manufacturers of door and window curtain walls , then let's take a look at the characteristics of aluminum alloy door and window curtain wall.


First, the door and window curtain wall manufacturers have

1. Nanhai District, Foshan City, aluminum music metal products Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer, hollow aluminum ceiling, aluminum alloy air conditioning cover, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, carved aluminum air outlet" research and development, production, sales, The modern enterprise of installation and technical service is also a manufacturer trusted by consumers.

2. The European system, established in 2009, is a high-quality building door and window curtain wall system integrating system research and development, sales, technical service and production. It is also a provider of high-end door and window curtain wall system solutions for customers worldwide. The technology focuses on product research and development and technological innovation. Europe has gathered a group of outstanding domestic technical experts and R&D talents, which proves that its strength is quite strong.

3. Foshan Kenneth Door & Window Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company has a strong technical research and development team and introduced international advanced production equipment. Specializing in the production of excellent aluminum alloy door and window system, sun room, shower door and other products. We have always adhered to the important concept of quality as the root, integrity-based, cooperation and win-win results, and have been favored by many consumers.

Second, aluminum alloy door and window curtain wall features


1. The construction technology of point-and-receiving curtain wall construction is at the forefront of the world. This is his biggest feature.

2. In addition, after several years of development, its energy-saving aluminum alloy door and window products have initially established an energy-saving door and window technology system with Chinese characteristics, forming a certain energy-saving door and window design, production and construction capabilities, which can initially meet the current building energy-saving windows and doors. The basic requirements are gone.

3. The unit curtain wall technology has been popularized in China. The design and construction technology of the curtain wall plate with convenient construction and precise construction has been mastered by large-scale curtain wall enterprises in China. It was only applied in large projects designed by foreign countries ten years ago. Now Beijing Large-scale curtain wall projects such as Shanghai and Shenzhen have been widely used.

What are the characteristics of the door and window curtain wall manufacturers, and what are the characteristics of the aluminum alloy door and window curtain wall? I believe that after reading the above article, everyone must have some understanding of it. After understanding it, do you think that the door and window curtain wall we have seen? If you want to know more home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the home of the decoration.

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