What are the tips for applying putty?

Putty is very important when we decorate the wall. When we decorate, everyone pays attention to the effect of putting putty. Because everyone does not understand the decoration, everyone does not know how to proceed. So everyone knows what details to pay attention to when putting putty? Everyone doesn't know! Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the methods and precautions of putting putty together!


Method of applying putty

1. Clean the base layer: ç ¼ or plastering walls, roofs, columns and slats must be carefully cleaned, free of dust, mortar, splashes and oil. The plaster layer is dry and firm, and the hollow part has been repaired. The dust, dirt, splashing and mortar flow marks remaining on the plaster layer are removed and cleaned.

2, shaving yin and yang angle: when putting putty, the yin and yang angles are required to be clear and straight. The male corner is repeatedly extruded by the aluminum alloy rod; the female corner is operated by a special tool to make it clear and straight.

3. The thickness of the putty in the first pass is controlled at 4~5mm, which is mainly used for leveling and construction in parallel with the direction of the wall. The request cannot be left untouched, and the end must be clean and neat.

4, ground grinding: try to use fine sandpaper, generally softer putty (such as 821) with 400-500 sandpaper, hard texture (such as wall lining, easy to flat) with 360-400 is better If the sandpaper is too thick, it will leave a deep sand mark, and the paint can't cover it. After polishing, you must thoroughly clean the wall to avoid too much dust and affect the adhesion of the paint. The unevenness is not more than 3 mm.

5. The thickness of the putty in the second pass is controlled at 3~4mm. The second time the putty must be completely dry after the bottom putty is completely polished and smoothed, and the whole batch is applied in parallel with the short side of the room, while the putty is 6~7. When dry, it must be calendered with a rubber scraper to ensure that the surface layer is smooth and smooth, the lines are straight and the color is uniform.


Precautions for putting putty

1. When the base layer is strong, it should be closed with primer before scraping the putty, so as to avoid excessive absorption of the rubber in the putty and affect the adhesion of the putty.

2, master the inclination of the tool when scraping, evenly apply force to ensure that the putty is full.

3, in order to avoid excessive shrinkage of the putty, cracking and shedding, do not over-thickness at one time. According to the characteristics of different putties, the thickness is preferably 0.5~1mm.

4, do not apply too much round-trip, in order to avoid the appearance of peeling, shedding or extrusion of the rubber in the putty, sealing the surface is not easy to dry.

5. According to the performance of the coating and the condition of the base layer, select the appropriate putty and scraping tool. When filling the holes and cracks in the base layer with the putty knife, the index finger presses the blade and presses the putty into the defect. It must be filled and filled. The putty around is scraped clean, so that the traces of putty are minimized.

What we need to consider when we put on putty is its details, so it is also crucial to learn how to proceed. The above is the method and precautions that Xiaobian introduced to you today. The end is here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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