Installed the data of the home improvement committee: There are five types of complaints about home improvement complaints.

"3·15" approached again, and the home improvement exercise again set off a climax. The reporter learned from the Complaint Center of the Home Decoration Committee of the Beijing Building Decoration Association that in 2003, a total of 224 complaints had been received, which was a 25% drop from 2002, of which non-members accounted for 60% of the total. According to analysis, the main causes of complaints in the home improvement process include quality (including decoration project quality and indoor air quality), economic disputes, and after-sales services. The relevant experts of the association divided it into five specific issues and provided consumers with ways to circumvent these problems.

Complaint Focus 1 Prominent Wood Flooring Problems

In quality complaints, there are more consumers reflecting wooden floor problems. Complaints focus on: floor upturns, deformations, cracks, paving gaps, abnormal walking and so on. For example, in September last year, Ms. Sun purchased a solid wood floor with a value of nearly 30,000 yuan in a building materials store. The factory was delivered to the door at the beginning of November. Ms. Sun asked the workers to install themselves. However, one month after the new shop floor was laid, cracks, deformations, and arches occurred in many places, and the gap between the plates increased. Ms. Sun found the Home Mall, and her after-sales service department sent two people to the site for inspection. The factory representative also came and thought that Ms. Sun’s situation was related to improper paving and improper maintenance. There was a dispute between the two parties. The complaint did not reach a resolution in one month. So Ms. Sun filed a complaint with the relevant authorities in February this year. According to the regulations of the “Solid Wood Flooring” standard, the management department does not allow surface cracks in the first-class products. After analyzing the cracks on the floor itself, it is not directly related to the pavement. In fact, the factory cannot shirk its responsibility.

Experts advise: When purchasing wooden flooring, pay attention to the quality of flooring, pavement methods, warranty and so on. If you choose solid wood flooring, but also check the moisture content. When laying the floor, it is best to shop by the manufacturers who bought the floor. After the acceptance of the pavement is completed, the consumer must request a service card.
The focus of complaints 2 Decoration materials shoddy

Although the consumer has signed a decoration contract with the decoration company, how to execute the contract is not understood by every consumer. Some consumers have expressed that certain materials used in the contract were stolen by the construction party during the construction process. They used the method of reducing quality to obtain additional profits. In addition, some decoration companies also reflected that some consumers frequently change the construction plan during the construction process, change the construction materials, and refuse to pay the necessary fees, which also obliges the decoration company to shoddy, and the indoor air quality after construction cannot meet the standards. Now.

Experts remind that consumers should follow the principle of higher prices and higher prices. When doing budgets with decoration companies, they must first understand the market conditions of building decoration materials, be aware of them, and then pursue reasonable prices. In this way, project quality and air quality Only guaranteed.

Complaint Focus 3 Decoration company certificate, incomplete

At present, many newly-built communities have decoration companies settled on the scene, set up consulting desks, and solicit business. Among them are regular decoration companies, and there are also many undocumented and unlicensed “guerrilla guerrillas”. In fact, these decoration "guerrillas" do not have business licenses, construction qualification certificates, and they are not registered in the city's industrial and commercial bureaus and municipal construction commissions, and they have no fixed office locations, causing consumers to have problems in the quality of their homes. People solve.

Experts advise: The decoration company must choose a decoration company that has a business license and has a qualification certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee. It is best to choose a decoration company in the home market. If there are conditions, you can personally visit the company’s headquarters. The original certificate of qualification, do not believe the company's brochure. In this way, even if there is a problem with the project, the person in charge or the competent authority can be found.

Complaint Focus 4 Delayed Responsibilities Cannot Be Distinct

Many home improvement projects have not been completed within the time stipulated in the contract for various reasons, causing delays in the time for consumers to stay. This may be caused by the owners continuously adding or modifying the original construction plan during construction. After the postponement, because the parties had only verbal agreement and no written agreement, the main responsibility for the postponement issue was unclear. Such a problem has also become a major issue in the dispute over home decoration. For example, Huilongguan has a owner in the third period, and when signing a contract with the decoration company, they agreed: "Started on December 1, 2003, and completed on January 5, 2004." However, in actual construction, there are often no workers working on the site, resulting in The project was not completed on February 27, 2004. The owner was unable to find a foreman and was refused by the general manager of the company.

Experts remind: Consumers and home improvement companies must strictly abide by the 2003 version of the "Beijing family home decoration decoration construction contract" in the provisions. The specific content is “determination of delays in terms of time to “a written agreement between the parties” as the basis for determining the responsibilities of both parties.” Therefore, when the quantity of work, design plans, etc. need to be changed, the parties must also sign a written agreement in order to “account after the autumn”. .

Complaint Focus 5 Calculation of wall surface area

How to measure the room brushing area? This is also a question of more consultation and complaints. In order to calculate the area, some companies have repeatedly calculated the area.

Experts advise: The correct calculation method should be based on the actual amount of engineering in square meters. Specifically, including the stucco, paint, paste, stone hanging paste, tile paste, wooden wall panels, wall skirts, partitions, partition walls, glass projects, etc., according to the net length of the wall column multiplied by the net height, deduct the door and window openings and More than 0.3 square meters of hole area. Moreover, the price quoted on the wall is only the price of the ordinary gray wall eradication of the original wall. It does not include the cost of water resistance, porcelain putty, and wallpaper eradication.

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