How much decoration regret you can not avoid? See netizens 90 square meters home

House decoration:

[Decoration household head]: Land fish

[Decoration area]: 90 square meters

[Decoration style]: Simple style

[Decoration units]: Two rooms and two rooms

[Decoration Keywords]: Two rooms and two halls decoration 90 square meters decoration modern minimalist style decoration 80

Owner Readme:

The half-yearly 90-year-old nest finally graduated from victory. The classic black-and-white wind and the box control ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The power is even more perfect. Not much to say, the above figure matters.

Recall that for six months, like a construction worker, I ran into and out of a small worksite like the 70, and I was filled with emotion! But the pleasure is in it, hey. Although in some places there are still some regrets (such as the floor tiles should still use 800 * 800, so more gas, there is no socket below the gas stove, temporary hole to destroy the cabinet, but fortunately not see), but see the United States and the United States victory As a result, it is impossible to control so many things. The defect is beautiful, and the feeling of achievement cannot be magnified N times. Of course, thanks to the design and construction, I feel really no wrong choices, good communication and strong cooperation, or let me spend less time dealing with the "guerrilla", do not say much, or look it ~ ~

Let's start with the entrance first, then the restaurant and then the living room

The entrance to this place has a mosaic ~ little design, but it is still quite exotic!

Next is the front of the restaurant.

See the entrance from the place of the restaurant

The restaurant has made a wall of cabinets and it has a good storage function.

Recent photographs

From this angle you can see the sofa background wall, a water of zebra, haha

Go into the living room area ~ Big Bear...

Take a picture of the sofa

Is the painting on the wall very abstract?

Look from the balcony ~

In the corner of the living room, a mini shelf was made with partitions

The entrance to the entrance is the kitchen

The kitchen looks great in the camera.

The bathroom ceiling is gray and white, the overall effect of the bathroom is still white

The bathroom made a shower room and bath ~ a dual purpose, ah

Master bedroom debut~

Large master bedroom wardrobe

Master bedroom TV cabinet~

Wall lamp on bedroom wall background

Big Bear has shifted to here ~ Oh

The children’s room is still mostly cute.

Look from the window sill

Big bookcase

Next, let's look at some of the details. I think that soft installation is also very important.

The alcove of the master bedroom aisle

Box control ~ storage room to buy a lot of such cardboard boxes put things, very neat oh ~ ~

When buying a big Pan Dong chair, I bought a small Pan Dong chair model, posing cute ~

The spoils of return from Tibet like this.

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