Metal detection ability is not the only security gate technical parameters

Mentioned in the security door manufacturers, the industry always feels accustomed to it, there are many domestic and foreign manufacturers, that is, talking about imported security door manufacturers talk a little more. Most people think that: The security level of the security door manufacturers depends on the metal detection sensitivity of the security door. For example, the detection capability of the metal detection door at the highest end of the imported security door is stronger than that of the domestic one. This is the level. This is not true. The true technical parameters of security gates are not limited to metal detection capabilities.

First of all, there are many technical parameters of security doors. Whether a security door has been rated as high-end, not only the sensitivity as the reference object, such as: classic cylindrical portable security door produced by the security door manufacturer in Qia, Italy, the United States Garrett security Products such as pd6500i produced by the door manufacturers and METOR150 produced by Metrik (the product is currently discontinued) have low metal detection sensitivity; however, these products have been well received both in the international market and in the domestic market. Word of mouth, today, many imported low-sensitivity security doors still occupy a large number of markets in the global market, and have become a lot of customer-specified products. In this sense, sensitivity is not a factor in determining the quality of security doors.

Secondly, from the perspective of imported security doors and verticals in the global market, we can see that the security door brand size is a comprehensive evaluation of security door manufacturers' products, which is also the main reason that imported metal detection doors occupy a large number of markets at home and abroad. Today, we mentioned the security door, we can not help but talk about the three major import security door brands: Italy's Kia CEIA brand, the United States Garrett GARRETT brand, the American rapiscan company's Metrocrete METOR brand, their products frequently Three or fifty thousand yuan, but in the domestic market has shown a long-lasting weather, even the price of more than 10 million SMD601 is also paid, it can be seen, the brand is a very important reference factor, while the peace era security door The brand also grew up under the leadership of a team with many years of experience in the security industry.

Third, product anti-jamming ability and stability have become very important reference elements. Security experts in the peacekeeping era found that in the past 10 years of professional career, the import security doors are so inspiring people, their product stability, Anti-jamming capability is a major factor. For example, factories mainly adopt anti-theft tactics for products. The emphasis is on how to effectively prevent theft. Sensitivity is only one reference. In addition, the false alarm rate, stability, and anti-jamming capability of the environment are also very important. No matter how high the sensitivity is, it cannot be accepted by the market.

Fourthly, the level of product manufacturing process can also win the favor of customers. We can see that imports of metal detection doors, hand-held metal detectors and other products, its manufacturing process is also extraordinary, just look at the appearance, you can determine is high-end products Compared with domestic products, the gap is very obvious. This is also a feature of international brands. In the minds of customers who have used imported products, they can also leave a good impression, one penny, one goods.

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