Application of Geographic Information System to Safe Operation of Olympic Games in Baoding City

The protection of various emergency forces such as transportation, electricity, communications, weather, security, medical care, and fire protection is an indispensable support for the smooth hosting of the Olympic Games. In response to this work, the emergency teams on the eve of the Olympic Games have formulated a detailed emergency protection plan. In order to coordinate the various plans, avoid conflicts and do their part, the Olympic Organizing Committee must form a unified Olympics based on the same geographical base map. Emergency protection map, unified command and dispatch of various emergency forces. To this end, the London Olympic Organizing Committee took full advantage of existing geospatial information resource achievements such as aerial photography and electronic maps to quickly complete the “Olympic Opening Ceremony Emergency Support Force Deployment Map”, “Olympic Opening Ceremony Emergency Support Force Deployment Map”, and “ The production of Olympic Games emergency protection maps, such as the map of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games' emergency support forces, the men's marathon circuit map, and the "Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games," provided support services for the safety and security of the opening and closing of the Olympic Games.

It was also learned that during the Beijing Olympics, the application of the system successfully safeguarded the Olympic market order. The Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, based on this system, has implemented risk control on the main market and key areas in the market, and has established eight key risks, 1,419 risk points, 690 key areas, and 430,311 key players in the Olympic market. The risk entities are rectified and standardized one by one, and full coverage, round-the-clock inspection and monitoring are implemented. There was no case of vicious events in the market during the tournament, which successfully fulfilled the goal of guaranteeing the Olympic market order.

In addition to the industry and commerce and quality inspection departments, many other departments have also used geographical information and technology to carry out the Olympic Games-oriented urban operation guarantee work, such as the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau police geographic information service system, the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau major hazard source management system, and the city. Tourism Bureau-related hotel hotel management system, city commercial bureau Olympics commercial operation command system, city traffic committee road management information system and urban management information system urban traffic subsystem, Olympic Games operation command group 10 game technology and network protection A series of Olympic-related geographic information systems such as a command service system were run. In addition, geographic information and its technologies are used by the Beijing Military Region Air Force, the Office of the Beijing Municipal Anti-terrorism Coordination Team, the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Radio Administration Bureau of the Beijing Municipality for Olympic air security, Olympic security police enforcement, Olympic volunteer management, and stadium radio monitoring. Other areas provide technical support.

With the development of science and technology and social progress, web services such as remote sensing imagery and electronic maps have attracted increasing attention from the public at home and abroad due to their convenient, intuitive and intuitive features, and have been widely used in daily life. The provision of geographic information viewer services on the Olympic Games site provides map-based, location-based information services for tourists, athletes and athletes around the world during the Olympic Games. It is an important part of fulfilling the above-mentioned solemn commitment and is also one of the foundations for hosting distinctive and high-level Olympic Games. .

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