Classification of aluminum profiles for industrial profiles

Classification of aluminum profiles for industrial profiles

Aluminium profiles are aluminum materials that are produced by hot melting and extruding of aluminum rods to obtain different cross-sectional shapes. Aluminum production processes include three processes: casting, extrusion and coloring.

Among them, the color includes: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spray, powder coating, wood grain transfer and other processes.

Aluminum classification method

First, aluminum profiles are classified according to surface treatment requirements:

1. Anodized aluminum

2. Electrophoretic coating aluminum

3. Powder coating aluminum

4. Wood grain transfer aluminum

5. Planed aluminum (divided into two types of mechanical planing and chemical polishing, of which the highest cost of chemical polishing, the most expensive price)

Second, according to the use of aluminum profiles can be divided into the following categories:

1. Windows and doors for the construction of doors and windows aluminum (two kinds of doors and windows and curtain walls).

2. CPU radiator special radiator aluminum profile

3. Aluminum alloy shelf aluminum profiles, their difference lies in the different cross-sectional shapes. However, they are produced by hot melt extrusion.

4. Industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used for automated machinery and equipment, enclosures of enclosures, and companies to customize molds according to their own mechanical equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belts,

Lifting machine, dispensing machine, testing equipment, etc., electronic machinery industry and clean room are mostly used!

Third, aluminum alloy according to alloy classification:

Can be divided into 1024,2011,6063,6061,6082,7075 and other alloy grade aluminum profiles, of which the 6 series is the most common. Different grades differ in the various metals

The proportion of ingredients is not the same, in addition to commonly used aluminum profiles such as doors and windows, such as 60 series, 70 series, 80 series, 90 series, curtain wall series and other architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles

Without a clear model distinction, most production plants are processed according to the customer's actual drawings.

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