Cause Analysis and Treatment of Diesel Fuel System Failures

1. Low-pressure oil supply poor pump diesel tank from the tank to the pump when the oil chamber into the oil return line is a low pressure oil line, when one of the pipe joints, gaskets and tubing due to damage when the oil spill will be The air enters the oil path to generate qi and yang, leading to poor oil supply, engine start-up difficulty, acceleration slowness and other symptoms, and will automatically turn off when it is serious. When the oil pipe due to aging, deformation and impurities and blockage to make the cross-sectional area decreases, or because of the oil blockage when the oil filter and diesel core, will lead to insufficient fuel supply and make the engine power decline and start difficult. This failure to check and eliminate the car can be completed. Hand pump oil pump to a certain pressure, release the bleed screw, if the bubble overflow and always exhaust endless, then the oil into the air; if there is no bubbles, but the diesel spill from the bleed screw weakness, then the oil was Clogged. The normal phenomenon is to loosen the screw a little, immediately there is a certain pressure jet oil column out. Troubleshooting method is to find damaged or aging gaskets, fittings or tubing to be replaced; to prevent such failures is to wash the oil filter and diesel filter, check the pipeline and found a problem promptly resolved. 2. Oil pump piston spring break engine suddenly shut down in operation, can not start, unscrew the deflation screw test found that the fuel pump low pressure fuel tank or less fuel pump oil to the entire low pressure oil chamber full of oil, drain The air is restarted, the engine is back to normal, but the vehicle automatically turns off again after traveling a certain distance. This failure is likely to be the oil pump piston spring break. This failure can be excluded from the car, unscrew the screw plug, replace the spring can be. 3. The oil pump check valve lax engine work after the start of the normal, but after a certain period of stop-fire stop there is difficult to start, unscrew the deflation screw spill, need to re-row of net air before they can start. This failure is mostly caused by the tight sealing of the oil pump check valve. Check the method is to unscrew the oil pump oil pump, the pump hand pump so that the fuel oil filled oil joint cavity, such as the joint oil quickly decreased, then the check valve seal is not good. Remove the check valve Check the sealing surface is intact, the check valve spring is broken or deformed, sealing seat surface is particulate impurities, according to the specific circumstances were taken grinding sealing surface, replace the check valve or check valve spring to troubleshoot . The normal situation is that the oil surface does not appear to drop within the time of more than 3min, and the oil pump in the hand pump has a powerful jet from the oil outlet. 4. High-pressure tubing blockage When a cylinder high-pressure fuel pipe due to deformation or impurities and blockage, start the engine after the tubing part of a clear percussion sound, and due to the cylinder does not work properly and the engine power decline. The inspection method is to loosen the oil inlet end nut of the high-pressure tubing by cylinder, when the percussion sound disappears after loosening a certain cylinder, it can be concluded that the cylinder is the fault cylinder and the fault can be eliminated after replacing the tubing. 5. The nozzle couple stuck When the nozzle needle stuck in the closed position near the cylinder head there is a regular percussion sound. It is due to spray pressure when the pressure is injected into the injector. Judgment is to loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe end of the injector, such as the percussion sound disappear immediately, you can conclude that this cylinder nozzle needle stuck.

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