Be wary of construction play tricks truncated wild decoration 3 large financial resources

The upcoming fall is the season of renovation and most owners are waiting for the fall to start. Due to the uneven renovation of the market, and many owners lack of knowledge of decoration, decoration is generally only to know how the decoration process is going on, the professionalism of home improvement is not the average person can understand a few days, so the wild decoration Home decoration complaints are often the most catishment on the project. Among them, engineering tricks have also become the biggest profit for the wild decoration.

Wild decoration to make money by three big stuffy

If wild decoration is chosen, the owner will become a "little sheep" to be slaughtered. Because the construction project is full of wild decoration to make money tricky.

Problem 1: hydro-electrically modified repetitive wiring

According to reports, the wild decoration complaints are more about the quality of hydropower conversion. Mainly manifested as irrational water and electricity wiring, repeated wiring, leakage of electricity leakage, reducing the quality of water pipes and other grades.

For example, it was possible to connect several outlets using only two conduits. However, the construction team used seven or eight wires to connect several outlets. The amount of work was several times faster. The wire that was originally a 9-ply line was replaced by a poor quality wire with only four or five strands by the construction team, and no flaws were apparent on the surface.

Question 2: Cutting corners

Many owners asked the wild decoration project to find that: originally, the walls should be filled with 5 buckets of paint, and the construction workers only picked up 2 buckets of topcoat. According to the relevant members of the Home Decoration Committee of the Beijing Market Association, the decoration quality issues such as cutting corners and shoddy goods accounted for 70% of the complaints in the wild decoration dispute. Due to too much professional knowledge involved in the renovation, it is difficult for the owners to pay attention to it. A considerable part of the problem can only be discovered after half a year. If there is a leakage problem in the bathroom, the anti-seepage treatment shall be carried out at 1.8 m from the floor to the wall.

Question 3: Procrastination

According to reports, most of the major sources of such complaints and disputes are related to the fact that the owners increase the number of construction projects or construction team projects. Judging from the complaint cases, it usually takes about one month late for delivery, and up to four months. Such complaints disputes account for 20% of complaints from home furnishings.

Wild decoration in the construction of the trick:

1. Demolition (project name): Splitting a project into several projects, the unit price went down, but the total price went up. For example, the project will dismantle the wall tiles into two projects: the wall base treatment and the wall tile; the latex paint project will be divided into two projects: wall putty and latex paint; the valve and metal in the toilet installation project will be soft. The tube is listed separately into two items.

2. The unit transformation, that is, the item that should have been quoted in square meters was changed to quoted meters. For example: The door decoration company generally offers a quotation, but the wild decoration is quoted by meters. In this way, a door cover becomes 5 meters. The unit price goes down and the total price goes up.

3. The amount of work on the project, most of the wild decoration are used to make a fuss over the amount of work in order to obtain higher profits.

Such as: Lacquer paint does not deduct the area of ​​doors and windows openings; kitchen, bathroom tiles according to the full shop calculations, and paste only when the eye can see the place, as the back of the cabinet is not posted. Some of them were also deliberately miscalculating and over-reporting the amount of work. When they were discovered, they were dealt with by the budgeting staff. Some of them deliberately under-reported the amount of work, talked about the contract at a low price, and the work was done in half. payment.

4. The main material unit price to play tricks, do not use well-priced brand-name products, and instead use no substitute for famous products, so that consumers do not know the price.

5. Void high accessories prices, consumers more detailed study of the main material, the price of accessories is not clear, wild decoration in this article. Such as: latex paint accessories offer 6 yuan / square meter, and the actual price of 2 yuan / square meters

6. The prices of main materials and accessories are not reported separately. The wild decoration takes the opportunity to fish. Such as: floor 200 yuan / square meter, including accessories, that decoration company may only take 150 yuan / square meter of the product up, but also the United States its name is not yet your accessory price.

7. Repeat calculations. For example, the door installation is already included in the hinges. Flooring has been included in the floor nails. Then a project “hardware” is added at the end of the project. It is 3,000 yuan. When the budgetary says what materials it is, the answer is not known. This is Wild decoration is the most common trick.

Relevant tip: Pay attention to three problem areas

One is the unequal contract format clause. The wild decoration uses consumers who do not understand family decoration and sign unequal contracts with them. Once a problem arises, they shirk their responsibility.

The second is to increase irrational expenses with various excuses during the renovation process. When some wild decorations are doing budgets, they intend to omit some of the items and press down on the prices. The illusion for consumers is that the wild decoration is inexpensive, and after the project starts, it will require consumers to add additional budgets for various reasons.

The third is construction work cuts, materials shoddy. Utilizing consumers' ambiguity in the recognition of product quality and the worship of foreign brands, some bad-quality building materials have changed their face and sold as some international brand names.

Teach you a trick: decoration site can be remotely monitored

Beijing TV station broadcast a news recently: the owner installed the camera equipment on the renovation site, and the camera equipment completely recorded the scene where the decoration team secretly sold the paint the owner bought and replaced it with inferior paint. The owner's camera equipment was installed without informing the construction personnel, and the scene of the replacement of materials by the construction staff was recorded. Chi Yuexiang supervision company experts told reporters that this remote site monitoring system called "video pass", not only can transmit image signals, but also can transmit voice signals, to achieve the effect of field monitoring. Owners can check their renovation site conditions via the internet at any time and place. Help consumers to fully understand the home improvement process.

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