Learn to use color to destroy decoration regret more

Learning to use color can reduce decoration regrets. According to surveys, more than 90% of families in China choose to paint white walls, while almost every developed country in Europe and America will use colored paint and use families of more than three colors. To account for more than 90%. Therefore, the white wall is still more popular among Chinese families. The white wall is a wild wall color that is safer and more durable to use. "Four white walls" homes can bring out the color of the furniture. The bold color of the walls can fully create a cold or warm atmosphere. No matter what your wall color is, the key is to consider and match the whole. The natural world is full of colorful and full of wonderful colors. With more and more colors in the paint market, everyone has plenty of room for choice. Learning to use color can reduce decoration regret. Lanbao Di Si Sofa Red Hall Ornament Home Pavilion One Color Connection Space In an open space, reusing the same tone is a simple way to connect space. For example, the use of the same color scheme throughout the open space can successfully connect adjacent areas of the ground or walls with different colors. The light-colored protagonist lighter colors do not always mean white. Many of the rooms benefit from the neutral colors painted on the ceiling, and trendy neutral colours can be found in the latest trendy tones. Painting walls with two to three colors that are lighter than the walls can help you create a single color space. The space, the direction to the color, and the many south-facing rooms are more suitable for painting cool tones, and the cool and north facing rooms may be more suitable for painting warm colors. If you want to use color to subtly change the size of the room visually, choose a suitable color: a light monochrome design and a white ceiling can visually increase the size of the room. Space colors not exceeding three whites, blacks, grays, golds, and silvers are not counted within the limits of the three colors. These colors can be used as the basic color, except gold, too much gold makes people dizzy, causing regrets after the stay decoration. Gold and silver do not coexist. Gold and silver generally cannot exist at the same time. Only one of them can be used in the same space. Gold and silver can be paired with any color, gold does not include yellow, silver does not include gray. Shallow depth of furniture in the wall In general, the wall is more monotonous white wall or light color is more appropriate. The floor is darker than the wall, but dark green tiles are contraindicated. The furniture chooses the darkest color. Cabinets to avoid warmth The bathroom is water, should use warm colors; the kitchen is a fire, it is already hot, so we must avoid warm colors. If you have already made warm colors, it is recommended to lighten the kitchen cabinet doors and countertops. Reduce unnecessary decoration regrets.

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