International steel trading has "Chinese voice"

The reporter was informed yesterday that Shanghai Steel Union (300226, shares) E-Commerce Co., Ltd., which has settled in Baoshan, has successfully signed an agreement with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to provide price data for steel and related raw materials for the exchange to design derivatives. Get the share. The China Steel Index is recognized by the world's top commodity exchanges, which is the first time in China. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the largest futures exchange in the United States and the second largest futures exchange in the world. As early as last year, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has visited Shanghai Steel and has expressed its intention to cooperate. "As a third-party data provider, the most important thing is that the information is independent and accurate, and it can withstand the test of the market." Zhu Junhong, chairman of Shanghai Steel Association, said that in terms of hardware and software such as information team construction, Shanghai Steel Union is no worse than world-class Data company. More than 800 information collectors in the company conduct real-time information collection and verification with more than 15,000 companies around the world. According to reports, the Shanghai Steel Union quoted price has 51 major categories, 273 small categories, covering steel, ore, non-ferrous metals and other major industrial raw materials, daily release of more than 4,000 price forms, 40,000 to 80,000 quotes . The wine is not afraid of the alley. At present, Shanghai Steel Union has 600,000 registered members and more than 40,000 paid members, including hundreds of European, American and Southeast Asian members. In terms of the use of steel price index, Shanghai Steel Union has accounted for half of the domestic steel trade transactions, and the website has an average daily click rate of more than 5 million. Although the Shanghai Steel Union Steel Price Index has been recognized by domestic and even world steel traders, China's voice in global iron ore trading is not high. At present, the three major miners of Vale, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton all use the Platts price index as a settlement tool. First find a breakthrough from the periphery. According to reports, since 2008, the imported iron ore index compiled by Shanghai Steel Union has been gradually used as the reference price of the long-term customer by Sesagoa, the largest exporter of India, and has become the basis for pricing of more and more Indian mines. At present, more than 70% of Indian mines are based on the Shanghai Steel Union Iron Ore Index. The breakthrough of Shanghai Steel Union cannot be separated from policy support. Shanghai Steel Union has been listed in the list of Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giants, Specialized Specialized New and Small Enterprises, etc., and has been supported. As a third-party organization, Shanghai Steel Union has also expanded its influence through the platform built by activities such as “SME Service Month”. Last year, Shanghai Steel Union successfully landed on the GEM, and was awarded the first batch of national “SME public service demonstration platform” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Band Saw Cutting Machine

band saw Cutting Machine use the cutting blade and It can cut all kind of material such as raw material pipe , round bar , square pipe and etc. Another advance of the band saw cutting machine is that it can cutting the many pieces of the raw material together . So cutting one time , it will get many pieces . And the cutting blade can install easily and the cutting blade can use long time . The Band saw cutting machine has two type : manual and automatic type .   

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band saw cutting machine

the lathe cutting machine

Band Saw Cutting Machine

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