Home decoration careful "home improvement 0 down payment" trap

It is understood that the current home improvement industry, "first decoration, after payment," "home improvement 0 down payment" and other decoration payment methods are more popular in some small and medium-sized home improvement companies, for some home improvement companies or construction teams using installments, consumers can also home improvement Payment ratio "bargain." In the home improvement, many consumers hope to retain more end-of-life payments, thereby “pressing” the home improvement company or construction team. However, people in the industry said that such payment methods cannot really avoid risks once they are encountered. With poor quality, low reputation, and non-standard home improvement companies, consumers may suffer even greater losses.
Ms. Zhang, who is preparing to renovate her new home, told the reporter that there are many owners in her residential area who are preparing to be renovated. There are no fewer than a dozen home improvement companies in the community. Some home improvement personnel told her that the home improvement can be paid after the renovation. “If you think Work well and give money." Ms. Zhang felt curious and didn't feel relieved. “You pay for the job before you do it. It sounds good, but will you have any problems?”.
â—†New ways of payment for home improvement or marketing
Although the methods of “first home decoration, postpay” and “home payment installment” are quite eye-catching, some large home improvement companies have not adopted these new methods. The general manager of Yuen Chau Decoration Beijing Co., Ltd. told reporters that for the payment method and proportion of home improvement, the industry has a clear provision, that is, the first period is 55%, the middle period is 40%, the last amount is 5%, and the first period is to determine the design scheme. Quotation, after the signing of the home improvement agreement, payment will be made, and the intermediate payment will be paid after completion of basic renovations, hydropower reforms, carpentry closures and other important items. Before paying the interim payment, the consumer must accept the project, wait for the completion of the renovation, quality inspection is completed, consumption After accepting the overall home improvement effect, the person pays the final payment and signs a warranty contract.
"The initial payment of 55% is determined by the market and it is also an industry experience." Liu Wei said that due to the early stage of renovation, workers' entry, equipment protection, and material use all need a lot of money, especially for the cost of home improvement materials. The proportion of funds is even greater.
Some newly-established home improvement companies need new profit points under fierce market competition. Therefore, they break industry regulations and market rules, and attract consumers through “installment installment” or “decoration, postpay”. This kind of practice requires companies to make upfront advances, pay for materials, and labor costs. Once companies face cost pressures, the risks posed by these pressures are likely to be passed on to consumers, resulting in delays and rough construction.
For these "fancy" payment methods, many people in the industry think that some newly-established or small-scale home improvement companies have come up with ideas for differentiated operations. “The real large-scale decoration company will not attract consumers through this approach.” Dong Yinglong, manager of the flagship store of Bologna, told reporters that some small and medium-sized home improvement companies have only considered the payment methods because of their lack of competitive advantages. Some payment methods are also "hidden mysteries."
Dong Yinglong's analysis of the “zero down payment for home improvement 0” analyzes that some non-standard home improvement companies, especially some construction teams, don’t really say “zero penny”. Once the construction team enters the field, they don’t charge anything. The construction costs and material fees still require consumers to pay for the bills, and it is difficult for consumers to verify the material costs of the construction team. It is inevitable that the construction team will allocate the labor costs to the materials fee.
In interviews, there are not a few consumers who say that they “sound good” to new ways of paying for their homes like Miss Zhang, but many consumers are skeptical and worry that this is a “trap.” Industry insiders remind consumers that due to the current home improvement market is not mature, for some home improvement companies lacking financial strength, the “home decoration, post-payment”, “home decoration 0 down payment”, “installment payment” and other home improvement payment methods must be improved. Be vigilant so as not to cause trouble to your new home decoration.
"Although it promised first decoration, post-payment, or home improvement 0 down payment, but in order to reduce costs and maintain operations, some home improvement companies or construction teams will choose to participate in low standards," an industry source who declined to be named told reporters that some construction teams In the unfamiliar part of the consumer, they will cut corners and materials, and even rush to complete the project, in order to receive the decoration fee as soon as possible. Once the consumers question, the construction team will “work” and “grind”, delay the construction period, delay the owner’s check-in time, and require the owner to Pay the fee.
“These new payment methods seem to be able to restrain home improvement companies, but if consumers choose a small company that lacks credibility, there may be more problems in the later period,” Dong Yinglong said, some non-standard home improvement companies or construction teams did not follow the industry. Standard implementation of the renovation contract, but unilaterally agreed, and because of the cost of the previous construction costs, the construction team may reduce investment, and even use other decoration materials, and ultimately will not only lead to quality problems in home improvement, home decoration, environmental protection, post-repair There is a risk.
“When it comes to home renovation, we should not look too much at the payment method,” said Dong Yinglong. “Even if we pay multiple payments, for example, pay 30% first, pay 30% in the middle, and pay the last 40% twice. If there is a problem, , Consumers are unwilling to pay the final payment, and some construction teams will also be forced to require consumers to pay in the name of non-warranty."
“Changing the payment method is not an effective way to restrict home improvement companies and allow them to conduct good-faith construction,” Liu said. These new methods often pose risks due to immature operations. Once these risks are passed on, the consequences can be very serious. “A consumer had reached an agreement with the construction team and set aside 20% of the final payment for insurance, but in the end the worker took away his heating and caused the interior to soak in water and cause huge losses.”
â—†To attract consumers still need "real materials"
Although the new home payment payment method can temporarily attract the attention of consumers, once the quality of construction is not enough, new ways to attract attention will also be revealed. Zhang Ren, Secretary-General of the China Building Decoration Association Residential Decoration Committee, said, “First renovation , "Payment after payment," "home improvement 0 down payment," and other decoration payment methods, is a "credit commitment" of some home improvement companies and construction teams, in essence, lack of genuine guarantees, and the payment method is difficult to become a major factor in determining consumers choose home improvement company , Construction quality, service methods, and after-sales maintenance are the key conditions for choosing a home improvement company.
According to Zhang Ren, the current payment method in the home improvement industry is adjusted by the industry and determined according to market rules. The existing first, middle, and late payment methods will not be adjusted in the short term. For the “four guerrilla” construction teams, The need for industry access, construction permit management, etc., will be standardized.
Consumers are interested in payment methods such as “first-decoration, post-payment” and “instalment payment” because consumers have doubts about the construction quality of home improvement companies and hope to retain certain “active rights” in the renovation. In order for a home improvement company to attract consumers, it must rely on its brand and reputation to dispel consumer concerns rather than how to make payments.
Relevant persons in the industry reminded consumers that during the home improvement, they must sign a formal home improvement contract with the home improvement company. All detailed items are listed in the contract, specifying the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The possible additions to the project must also be specified clearly. . In the acceptance of the project, it is advisable to have a third party supervisor involved. Once the home improvement company and the owner have different opinions, there will be more fair judgment.

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