Mining machinery development direction

At present, the scientific and technological foundation of China's mining machinery industry is relatively weak. Since the reform and opening up, the mining machinery industry has adopted market-for-technology as the main way to improve the technical level of products, and at the same time it has to face the grim situation of foreign competitors investing in China.

Independent innovation seeks development

There are two problems in China's mining machinery industry: First, the comprehensive strength of mining machinery industry enterprises is not strong, and most enterprises' energy and capital investment in scientific research, new product development, technological transformation and enterprise management are at a standstill. The domestic mining machinery product varieties, especially the key equipment urgently needed for national construction, cannot meet the requirements, and there are problems such as low product technical content, low added value of products, unstable product quality, and low labor productivity of all employees. The growth rate of output value of China's mining machinery manufacturing enterprises is extremely disproportionate to the profit growth rate. Second, there are problems in product variety, technology, quality, service, etc., resulting in a low contribution rate of the domestic mining machinery industry to the mine. China's mining machinery enterprises should analyze a series of problems such as poor quality, low efficiency, high energy consumption and pollution of traditional mining machinery, and develop new mining machinery, independent innovation, overcome various difficulties, and contribute to China's mining machinery. !

Develop intelligence and improve competitiveness

With the continuous development and transformation of China's economy, "Made in China" will inevitably transform to "China's wisdom", mining machinery has gradually evolved from price competition to R&D competition, and the development of mining machinery and equipment such as crushers and mills today The trend is large-scale, digital intelligence and eco-energy. Only with the core manufacturing capabilities, can we get the corresponding technology added value, reflect the high-end high-yield, gradually gather the real competitive advantage, and then become a respected global market competitor. On the road of mining machinery development in China, improving the ability of independent innovation will become an important support for improving the overall quality of mining machinery. It is essential to increase technological innovation, integrate scientific and technological resources, and rely on major science and technology projects to break through core and key technologies. Accelerating integration and taking the road of high-end products through independent innovation is the best way for the mining machinery and machinery industry to adapt to the current economic development mode, and it is also the best direction for the continuous development of mining machinery in China!

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