How to buy environmentally friendly laminate flooring?

How to buy environmentally friendly laminate flooring? At present, there are a variety of wood floor brands on the market, and the quality is also uneven. They do not know how to start. The floor of the top ten brands of the world's friends floor recommended that when you choose, as long as you master the following eight standards, you can choose high-quality solid wood flooring!

First, look at the release of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde emission is one of the indicators of the purchase of wooden floors, but also the most critical point! This mainly depends on whether its formaldehyde limit has reached the national standards. General formaldehyde limit is divided into three levels: EO <= 0.5mg / l, E1 <= 1.5mg / l, E2 <= 5mg / l; According to the new regulations issued by China's Health and Environmental Protection Agency, where the formaldehyde content of solid wood flooring reaches E2 Grade, even if qualified. To achieve EO, E1 grade standard materials can be directly used for interior decoration, be considered environmentally friendly and safe flooring! Worldfriends flooring as the top ten brands of flooring, is the only floor brand in the country to release formaldehyde to reach EO standards, it launched the "net Aldehyde E0 environmental protection laminate flooring formaldehyde emission is only 1/3 of the current national standards.

Second, see the origin of raw materials.

The performance of solid wood flooring is determined by its wood species. Floors made of stable wood naturally have much more stability. When selecting, we should try our best to choose better species. Generally better wood is rosewood, teak, eucalyptus and so on. In general, the imported raw materials are better than the domestic ones! The world-famous flooring joints Brazil, Paraguay, Indonesia, Africa, Myanmar, Russia, North America, and seven global high-quality wood procurement bases to ensure the supply of high-quality raw materials. In order to achieve a fully optimized floor configuration, Shiyou also screens high-quality raw materials, rejects all B-grade and C-grade raw materials outside the wood, and 100% selects A-grade plates.

Third, test the moisture content.

The moisture content of solid wood flooring should be chosen to be equal to the residential installation area, which will greatly reduce the possibility of problems in future use. National standards stipulate that the moisture content of wood floors is 8% to 13%. In fact, our country has a vast territory and different regions have different moisture content requirements. At the time of purchase, the moisture content of the wooden floor selected in the exhibition hall is measured first, and then the moisture content of the wooden flooring of the same species and the same specifications of the unopened packaging is measured. If the difference is +2%, it can be considered as qualified. According to the climate differences in the north and south paving areas, the WorldFriends Floor implemented an artificial moisture content inspection to ensure that the difference between the moisture content of each floor and the local environment does not exceed 0.5%.

Fourth, the amount of size.

Determine the appropriate length, width, solid wood flooring is not the longer the longer the better, the length, width of the wood floor is relatively easy to deform. Try to choose the plate, length 450---910mm, width 90---125mm. Below this standard is non-standard. Many people think that the smaller the floor, the better the stability. According to reason is correct. However, due to the fact that many non-standard plates are made of non-trunks, the stability will be greatly reduced.

Fifth, check the quality of the board.

The quality of the board is one of the main basis for the floor classification. First check whether the same species, whether mixed species, whether the floor dead, live, cracking, decay, bacteria and other defects. Then observe the accuracy of the wooden floor, after the general wood floor can be removed out of the box about 10 freehand assembly, observe the enterprise mouth bite, assembly gap, the difference between the adjacent plate height, if the strict joint, feel no significant height difference. If there are chromatic aberration, knots, textures, etc. consumers can ignore, because these things natural wood properties, showing the natural qualities of solid wood flooring.

Six, see the quality of auxiliary materials.

The quality of the auxiliary material directly affects the installation and service life of the floor. Therefore, the price and quality of skirting boards and beadings are also a concern for consumers. In the past, the baseboards of the laminate floorings were mostly wooden baseboards, which were not only easily deformed, but also brought about problems of formaldehyde pollution. The latest technology on the market is the new baseboard produced by the American polymer foaming technology. The formaldehyde emission from the baseboard of this material is almost zero. At the same time, it is also wear-resistant, fire-retardant, mold-proof, anti-static, etc. Advantages, and strong toughness and moldability, ideal for special units and arc wall decoration.

Seven, see the quality of paint and paint process.

After the board is painted, it is called lacquer board. The quality of the board surface and finish are selected. The key is to see the finish of the paint film, no bubbles, paint leakage, and wear resistance. The surface is even and smooth, no bubbles, no cracks and no paint leakage. As the top ten floor brands, Shiyou floor six-side sealing paint, can be a comprehensive moisture-proof, completely cut off the floor moisture path, control floor moisture content changes, to achieve anti-deformation anti-cracking effect.

Eight, the priority of high-quality after-sales service.

There is a famous saying in the flooring industry: “Three floors and seven-pavements”. It can be seen that the floor installation has an impact on the quality of floor use. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the selection of high-quality after-sales service manufacturers to install the floor. It is like the world's top ten brand floor brands. Before installation, sign the installation agreement. In the agreement, if there is a problem with the solid wood floor, in the end who will be responsible, this will prevent the manufacturer from escaping the responsibility and the local board will not perform maintenance when there is a problem.

 3100 Reflective Film For Advertising

Reflective film, is a film has been made directly applicable retroreflective material. Made using glass bead technology, microprism technology, synthetic resin technology, thin film technology and coating technology and microreplication technology. Usually there are white, yellow, red, green, blue, brown, orange, black.

The Advertising reflective film belongs to economic grade reflective film, different from general engineering grade. It can replace multicolor lettering signs, and can silk-screen printing. It consists of catadioptric glass beads which are embedded in a transparent layer of plastic material. The smooth surface has a high scratch resistance and a good printability. Self-adhesive retroreflective films with an excellent adhesion on metallic surfaces as aluminum and zinc coated steel plate.

>waterproof,sun-resistant >less working procedure and low cost >excellent corrosion and solvent resistance >scratch resistance and a good printability

Product Name Reflective Vinyl Film (Acrylic/PET/PVC)
Color white, yellow, red, green, blue, brown, orange, black etc
Film Thickness 120mic(for advertising)   130mic(for engineering)
Width 1.24m
Length 45.7m
Release Paper 120g(for advertising grade)   140g(for engineering grade)
Life Time 3-5 year
Ink Type Solvent, Eco-solvent, Water-based, Pigment, Dye Ink 
packing  standard exported carton or hard tube or pallets or customized.
Features Un-tearable, can not print(PET); Tearable, can print(PVC), Easy operation, easy cutting, can be screen printed by PET/PVC/Acrylic type ink.
Usage Advertising inkjet, outdoor uv printing etc area, classical usage for flex banner,lampstandard,road stand column,crossing bridge advertising board,reflective car sticker. etc
Product presentation
It belongs to glass bead type Reflective Sheeting, which is specially designed for UV printing, and have good printing quality with solvent ink and excellent flexibility, further, it is untearable and suitable for application of sheeting pasting and full of wonderful computer cutting and describing feature. 


Advertising Reflective Sheeting

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