Can the haze days of environmental protection houses reverse the property market?

Can the haze days of environmental protection houses reverse the property market? In the past few days, all parts of the country have experienced prolonged air pollution in varying degrees. Experts reminded that during the air pollution try to stay indoors and close doors, windows and windows. However, when the air is polluted, will it be safe to stay at home with the windows and doors closed? The answer is no, there are many new buildings, decorative materials are high molecular compounds, containing formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive cesium, etc., have a serious impact on human health. If the closed hours in the indoor environment are too long, it will easily lead to serious deterioration of the indoor air quality, resulting in serious accumulation of indoor air pollution such as carbon dioxide, polluted air, and formaldehyde**.

The advent of haze weather caught offenders in the city. Pedestrians wearing masks everywhere on the street. Air pollution has attracted attention to the fresh air system that can purify indoor air.

In first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the fresh air system has long been popular among major projects that use environmental protection as a selling point. However, due to the fact that everyone has been paying less attention to the issue of residential environmental protection, environmental housing has not become a hot spot in the property market. What is a fresh air system? In fact, the fresh air system uses a dedicated device to send fresh air to the interior of the room on the closed side, and then discharges it from the other side to the outside through dedicated equipment to form a “fresh air flow field” in the room to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation. The indoor air is filtered, detoxified, sterilized, oxygenated, and preheated. Ensure that the interior is air-purified under confined conditions.

Nowadays, pollution issues have affected people’s daily lives, and green houses adopting low-carbon environmental protection and scientific and technological anti-pollution systems have ushered in new opportunities. Environmental housing needs to be removed from the current situation where acceptance and penetration are not too high. Self-improvement and upgrade.

At present, what is the status of the fresh air system in the real estate market in Chengdu? Wen Liyang, chief researcher of the Huaxi Urban and Real Estate Research Institute, said: “The current fresh air system has both large-scale systems integrated in the central air-conditioning ventilation ducts and small-sized systems installed in the toilets. Although various types of fresh air systems significantly filter the air, etc. The effect, but for the smaller air pollutants such as PM2.5, the effect needs to be further improved."

In addition to filtering, anti-virus and other effects, Wen Liyang believes that there are some areas in the installation and price of new air systems that need improvement. “First of all, residential projects that install this kind of fresh air system must be equipped with central air-conditioning systems, which are not yet widely used in the current residential communities, and are even lower than those of fine-tuned homes. In addition, the cost of such new air systems It is still relatively high, and the awareness of customers is obviously insufficient. After the opening of this new style system, the doors and windows in the house must also be closed, which is also a challenge to the traditional concept of opening windows.”

Although the new wind system is still a new technology, due to the increasing awareness of environmental protection, such projects will have a certain market prospects. What problems should be noticed in the promotion of projects that are currently equipped with a fresh air system? Experts reminded, “First of all, we must increase marketing efforts. At present, most of the projects with new air systems in Chengdu have the notion of wine not afraid of deep alleys, and they are not very popular in promotion, resulting in low customer awareness. Enhance the integration of customer and experience marketing, the transaction of such projects mainly lies in the high satisfaction after the customer experience, so enhancing the customer's experience on site is also the key to success.The most important thing is to reduce the price of the project. Deliberately raising prices tends to be "high and low," so formulating a reasonable price is the key to success."

From this, it can be seen whether the haze days of environmental protection houses can reverse the property market and reasonable pricing is the key!

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