Sintered artificial stone

The production method of the sintered artificial stone is similar to the ceramic process. The powder of feldspar, quartz, diabase, calcite and hematite powder, and a certain amount of aged soil are mixed together, and the general ratio is 60% of stone powder. 40% of clay, artificial stone is prepared by mixing method, formed by semi-dry pressing method, and then fired in a kiln at a high temperature of about 1000 °C. The sintered artificial stone has good decorative property and stable performance, but needs to be calcined at a high temperature, so that the energy consumption is large and the cost is high. Since the unsaturated polyester resin has a small viscosity and is easy to form; the gloss is good; the color is light, and it is easy to be formulated into various bright colors and patterns; the curing is fast, and the operation can be performed at normal temperature, so that among the above stones, the most used ones are currently used. Widely, the resin type artificial stone produced by using unsaturated polyester resin as a cementing agent has stable physical and chemical properties and wide application range, and is also called polyester synthetic stone.

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