Mechanical engineering service area

Mechanical engineering has a wide range of services, and there is no need for mechanical engineering services in sectors that use machinery, tools, and even energy and materials. There are five major service areas in modern mechanical engineering:

1 Develop and provide energy conversion machinery, including various types of power machinery that convert thermal energy, chemical energy, atomic energy, electrical energy, fluid pressure energy, and natural mechanical energy into mechanical energy suitable for the application, and energy that converts mechanical energy into other energy required. Transform the machine.

2 Develop and supply machinery for the production of various products, including agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery machinery and mining machinery, as well as various heavy industrial machinery and light industrial machinery.

3 Develop and provide machinery for various services, such as material handling machinery, transportation machinery, medical machinery, office machinery, ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment, as well as environmental protection equipment such as dust removal, purification and noise reduction.

4 Develop and provide machinery for home and personal life, such as washing machines, refrigerators, watches, cameras, sports equipment and entertainment equipment.

5 Develop and provide a variety of mechanical weapons.


This screen retainer spline is constructed of top quality vinyl that is round in shape. It features a hollow core center, it is serrated on its exterior surface, and there is black/white/grey in color. Vinyl screen retainer spline like this one is used to hold fiberglass and aluminum screen material to screen frames of both windows and doors. Pairing the correct spline size and color will ensure your screens go in smoothly and look great. 

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Insect Screen Components

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