Interesting handmade soap cute spike Petty

Part 1: Lovely Sweet Line

Product recommendation 1: cute Katie sauce emollient soap

Price: 5.95 yuan

Function: moisturizing antibacterial anti-inflammatory cleaning other effects

Editor's recommendations : A particularly gentle coconut oil gives the skin more tenderness and nourishment. Rose moisturizing formula helps to improve dry skin, leaving skin light and moisturized.

Product recommendation II: handmade creative oil soap

Price: 6.80 yuan

Color: transparent

Size: length 70* width 70* thickness 14 MM

Editor's Choice : It nourishes and moisturizes skin, diminishes fine lines, and increases skin's radiance and elasticity. Lovely styling brings a good mood for the whole day.

Product recommendation 3: Thai baby corn bath soap

Price: 19.90 yuan

Editor's Pick : A very small half corn, it's really like it, it's not eating it. Kawaii! Make your bathroom different.

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Proportional Valve

Proportional valve is a valve that relies on the statics to supply a reduced pressure to an output line.

A simple example is where spring load applies a reducing force so that the output pressure is reduced. Proportioning valves are frequently used in cars to reduce the brake fluid pressure to the rear brakes.

There are different types of proportional valves as below:

1.    Electro-hydraulic proportional valve

2.    Proportional pressure Reducing Valve

3.    Proportional servo valve

Proportional Valve

Electro-hydraulic proportional valve

Proportional Valve

Proportional Valve,Proportional Hydraulic Valve,Hydraulic Valve,Proportional Solenoid Valve

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