How to save money on home improvement?

1. If the ceiling is purely decorative, it can be completely removed, and it can be changed into a geometric shape consisting of several wooden wires or a personalized lamp. If it is a functional ceiling, you can consider making a flat roof, and the flat top price is low, especially if you choose modern or Nordic style.

2. Use mixed oil instead of varnish. Mixing oil is not only cheaper but also rich in color, which can make a refreshing effect.

3, the wall and roof use different brands of latex paint, such as wall brush Dulux five-in-one, and the top brush Libangya lacquer. This will not only save about 10 yuan per square meter, but also better.

4. Create effects using simple lines and colors, such as narrow strips or metal strips. It doesn't have to be complicated and cost-effective, and it doesn't necessarily work like a wall.

5. Be alert to so-called imported hardware, faucets and the like. Because the real import parts are actually very few, don't buy cheap goods with expensive money. The principle is to judge from its brand awareness and fine workmanship, regardless of where it is produced.

6, try to use color instead of shape to achieve the purpose. In addition, if the new item is out of budget, you must find the corresponding deduction. Otherwise, the original design will be maintained.

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