China Pingmei Shenma Chlor-alkali Co., Ltd. adjustment work ideas

China Pingmei Shenma Chlor-alkali Co., Ltd. adjustment work ideas In the face of complex and ever-changing market conditions, China Pingmei Shenma Chlor-alkali Co., Ltd. actively adjusted its working ideas, focused on technological innovation, and focused on management innovation, actively seeking development solutions. It was recently learned that from January to November, the company achieved a break-even on the loss of the entire industry.

Technical innovation raises confidence. From November 2 to November 5, the acceptance team consisting of the staff of the company's relevant departments and equipment manufacturers conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s technical development project for the by-product steam hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace. The project has met technical transformation standards and requirements in terms of equipment production capacity and technical parameters, and successfully passed acceptance. After the project was successfully put into operation, the company's ability to synthesize hydrogen chloride was improved. In addition, the company is preparing to adopt a new dry acetylene process. The process can completely solve the problem of calcium carbide slurry produced in the wet acetylene production process polluting the environment. At the same time, the filter residue produced by dry acetylene has a low moisture content and can be directly used as a raw material for the production of cement and building materials.

In terms of management innovation, the company decided to sell vinyl chloride monomer to the outside world through market research and cost accounting in the face of the market's gradual shrinkage, resin costs, and the inconsistent selling price. The staff of the company's polyvinyl chloride plant, which was in charge of this work, used the existing equipment and materials to make a vinyl chloride monomer filling device in a short period of one week. At the same time, the technical staff of the plant has compiled the operating procedures and safety regulations for vinyl chloride monomer filling to ensure the safety of the filling process. According to the current market conditions, the sales of vinyl chloride monomer can reduce the loss by about 700 yuan per ton compared with the sales of PVC resin. From October 24 to November 5, the company has sold 516 tons of vinyl chloride monomer, reducing losses by more than 300,000 yuan.

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