What are the six systems of Deschmann's smart locks?

With the development of science and technology and the advancement of the times, mankind is about to open the era of intelligence. Smart locks are the products of the intelligent era. People have an attitude of both anticipation and suspicion, because it is uncertain whether it can really protect them. The role of home security, and looking forward to the emergence of smart locks to solve a lot of people's security problems. The following small series describes a Dschman smart lock to see if the smart lock can protect family security in the end.

The Dschmann DESSMANN lock was born in Stuttgart, Germany, initially as a humble lock company. Today, DESSMANN has developed into a well-known lock company with a large R&D team, continuous innovation in core technologies, and products and partners all over the world. Specializing in the production and development of various fingerprint locks, safe deposit boxes, butler systems and Anningwei central security system.

Dschman smart lock six systems


Family Affection Real-time Care System: When you are on a business trip, don’t worry about whether your family or children will go home. The housekeeper lock will send you a notification the first time.

Anti-mite protection system : When the fingerprint lock is closed, someone is slamming the password, being damaged or locked, the housekeeper will not apprehend the thieves, and notify the user in time.

Anti-hijacking non-perceived alarm system : When the user is hijacked, the system “unconsciously detects” to send an alarm and information for help by unlocking the fingerprint and password.

Fake lock prompt system : When going out, if the lock is not closed, the system will also send an alarm signal to remind the user to lock the door again.

Try to open the alarm system : In order to prevent malicious attempts to open the fingerprint lock, multiple fingerprints, password try open error, the system automatically shielded for 3 minutes.

360° security warning system (property management system) : The last housekeeper lock can also be connected with the property security management system to realize functions such as monitoring, alarming and management at any time.

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