[Sight] If the order of the East Huicai Labor Insurance Products Co., Ltd. is scheduled until next May


For instance, Donghui Cai Labor Protection Products Co., Ltd. produces environmentally friendly covering yarns and special yarns that are cut and fireproof. At present, it has 49 advanced covered yarn production equipments at home and abroad. Currently, it is mainly responsible for the processing of covered yarns by labor insurance companies in the surrounding areas in the east. Orders are scheduled to be paid in May of next year and taxable sales will be 12 million yuan in the first half of the year. (Reporter Cai Shanshan's Resident Reporter Chen Bin)

This system is mainly used in the video surveillance of main roadways, inclined roadways, working faces, chambers and other places in coal mines.

Video Surveillance delivers custom security camera solutions to both surface mining and underground mining operations. Mining companies face a plethora of security risks that can be mitigated with reliable video surveillance cameras.

Mining security is beneficial in the following ways:
Ensures workers follow safety protocolsPrevents theft and vandalismdev Monitors handling of waste materialDeters trespassers and unauthorized individuals from gaining accessEnables mobile viewing for off-site monitoringCaptures violations of security and safety regulationsProvides a clear picture of mining site.

Mine Video Surveillance

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