Tiger breeding method

The tiger must be bred and cultivated : the tiger must be mainly ramets, and the ramets are combined with the spring change. Such as potted plants, must maintain sufficient water in the potting soil, avoid basin water, often sprinkle water around the plant, and spray a small amount to the leaf surface, watering should be reduced in winter.

Cultivation points:

1: Humidity 60-80. Proper ventilation to prevent bacterial growth.

2: The growth temperature is 25-38, and the blade becomes ugly below 15 degrees.

3: Illumination 5000-20000 lux. Appropriately increase the light before flowering.

4: The ventilation of the roots is very important. Plant medium 70 bark, 30 peat.

Growth habits: Sexually warm, humid, semi-yin environment, generally distributed in low valleys and valleys in South China and Southwest China

Under the forest or in the swamp of the stream, no soil is selected. In the southern greenhouse cultivation, the winter temperature should not be lower than 10 °C. The temperature is greater than 25. Planted for more than 2 years. Superb flowering ability 1 leaf 1 flower. Basically can reach more than 2 shots. It grows rapidly, and when the temperature is greater than 25 degrees, the bottle is planted for 11 months to see the first flower gun.

PU Corbels and Brackets is a very attractive piece,used for Curtain Rod, beam shelves and wall shelves.

Various design and size to be choosed,decorate Corbels and Brackets with other elements, bring your new decoration vision.

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1.Can support up to 10kg with proper installation.
2.Can be cut, drilled, glued or screwed.
3.Primed in white and ready to paint or faux finish.
4.Can be used on the interior or exterior
5.High density polyurethane for maximum durability and detail.
6.Modeled after original historical patterns and designs.

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Polyurethane Corbels

Corbels and Brackets

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