Imported bearing field of view, uneven brightness and common sense

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Imported bearing field of view, uneven brightness and common sense

Source: Bearing network time: 2013-06-06

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Analysis of the cause of the disease
(1) The middle position of the light source is not adjusted well.
(2) The orientation of the reflective imported bearing parts is incorrect.
(3) The bulb image is too close to the object plane.
Trouble sweeping and overhaul
(1) Adjust the middle position of the light source.
(2) Adjust the reflective part to the correct orientation.
(3) Adjust the bulb or condenser.
The highlights on the reticle are caused by the analysis of the reticle for a long time; the appearance of condensed oil beads or water droplets; leading to light reflection.
Trouble sweeping and overhaul remove the reticle to clear the cleanliness.

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