Small bench full explanation

Remember the novel "Small Bench"? It tells the grandmother to the author sitting on the small bench, said the nursery rhymes, the true story of feeding the rice, expressing the deep nostalgia of the author. But in real life, what kind of small bench is it? Below, Xiaobian gives you a comprehensive explanation of the small bench.


What is a small bench

The bench is also a "stool." A backless stool made of narrow planks, mostly narrow and long.

Small bench component

Bench legs, similar to pillars in buildings, load-bearing components.

The bench surface, similar to the roof in the building, spreads the force on the legs of the bench. The contact area with the people is small and the pressure is small. It doesn't hurt to sit on it (or the person sitting on the leg can't stand it), and it can't be used in the lives of the people. Or missing role.

A horizontally connected rod, similar to the shackles in an ancient building, connected to the bench legs so that it does not easily fall apart.


Bench production

Chinese traditional small bench, it is beautiful and durable. The bench has a certain technical content. The angle of the bench is two inches in one inch (in fact, the length of the horizontal is also two points in one inch. This is the experience of Chinese traditional craftsmen, we must not forget that the ancestors left us a lot of valuable wealth). Now I am using the metric system instead of the city system. Therefore, after the actual measurement, the angle of the bench is 12 degrees. I don't think all the benches are 12 degrees! For example, bar stools and other stools of different lengths, for aesthetics and practicality, it is normal to change a little angle. The practical angles are 10, 12 and 15.


The above small bench will be introduced to this in a comprehensive explanation. More information is available at GO Home.

Source: GO Jiaju

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