How to deal with leaking water from floor drains

Floor drains are common in every home. They can be seen in the kitchen and the bathroom, but the floor drains are always problems, such as odors, overflows, and seepage. Today Xiao Bian will take everyone to see how the leakage of floor drains is handled! The easy-to-use method can handle these problems by yourself.

Analysis of the causes of floor drain and its solutions

1, the floor drained fragrant

Analysis of the reasons: This problem may have arisen because the height of the water seal on the floor drain is not enough, so it is easy to dry up and cause the odor in the drainage pipe to flood into the room.

Solution: First, the floor drain does not necessarily have a return bend, and one can be added to it. Second, change the same floor drain with the same brand, the same specifications. However, during construction, be careful not to damage the waterproof layer. In addition, it should be reminded that during use, water seals should be prevented from drying out and regular water injections must be performed. If you leave for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drain with a lid.

2, leakage of water

Solution: Open the floor tiles around the floor drain, dig out the surrounding cement 3cm deep, and then use the “plugging spirit” to seal it. After 1 hour, do a water shut-off test to see if it still seeps. If it does not leak, it means to restore the original status.

3, floor drain overflow

Analysis of the reasons: It may be that the cross-section of the floor drain is not smooth enough, the sewage cannot pass quickly, or the internal structure of the floor drain protrudes, and dirt such as hair and fibers is caught.

Solution: The height of the floor drain is determined by the way in which the drainage system is routed. Therefore, the floor drain heights that are used in conjunction with them are preferably within 200mm and within 120mm, respectively, and must be drained laterally. The commonly used concealed installation method is that there are two types of toilet floor slabs that are partially submerged and toilets are cushioned. In order to meet the toilet height and ergonomic requirements, the former sinking clearance of 300mm, the latter's cushion height up to 170mm.

The above is how to deal with the leakage of floor drains. The solution to the leakage of floor drains was introduced. After reading the treatment method of leaking floor drains introduced by Xiao Bian, you can easily solve this problem. I hope to help you, if you want to understand other related issues. Information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

How to do leakage leaking water from bathroom floor drain

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