What will the 2017 in lighting eyes look like?

2017: Spring, or never come

Affected by the macro-environment, many lighting manufacturers had a hard time last year. Some people say: When winter comes, can spring be far behind? Actually, I have been opposed to this sentence because for some industries, spring will never come.

For example, the television industry, more than 20 years ago, said that the winter period has come. Not only has it not come out of this winter period, but the market demand has been further shrunk under the impact of computers and mobile phones, and the living environment has become even worse. Therefore, I think that there will not be a big turnaround in the lighting industry in 2017. For some SMEs, they will never be able to wait until spring.

However, the lighting industry is still a sunrise industry. Where there are dark places, lights are needed, lamps are periodically worn out, and new market demands are continuously stimulated. For enterprises, they must first identify the market segments that suit themselves; second, they must innovate. This is not only the innovation of technology and products, but also includes innovations in business models, operating models, and management methods; and Can develop overseas markets more.

2017 Nine conjecture

Regarding the overall economic situation in 2017 and the development of the lighting industry, I would like to make a bold conjecture from the following aspects:

1. The industry quickly moves toward standardization and scale management.

2. A large number of makers and e-commerce platforms will quickly die out.

3. SMEs will encounter more problems and difficulties.

4. China's economic hotspots will shift from the northwest to the southwest.

5. Internet of things augmented reality and intelligent robots are more popular.

6. Contradictions between brand manufacturers and marketers are more prominent.

7. The lighting industry will experience more closures and transitions.

8. The market will continue to eliminate traditional building materials cities and small businesses.

9. The environment and the big market continue to be chaotic and depressed.

2017: Rising costs will be inevitable

In 2017, I think that there may be several situations in the lighting industry:

1, rising costs is an inevitable trend. This is mainly due to the government's elimination of backward production capacity, strengthening of the bullish raw material prices under environmental protection, and the devaluation and inflation caused by the RMB issuance.

2. The new Chinese style and simple style will be a mainstream product trend in the next five years.

3, intellectual property rights will be more concerned about. There will be more and more patent disputes and patent litigation cases among enterprises.

4. The state-to-business standard management will become increasingly strict. For example, the implementation of the State's “Golden Tax III Project” will reduce tax evasion and tax evasion such as false value-added tax invoices and the issuance of value-added tax invoices. In the future, the small processing plants that can't open value-added tax invoices will have smaller and smaller living space.

5. Social security will continue to rise in 2017 and in the coming years.

6, due to inflation, social security and other issues, staff salary increase is an unavoidable issue.

7. In 2017, the collapse of enterprises and the running of roads have become more serious.

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