Small apartment modern minimalist whole room furniture picture case display

For the decoration of small apartment space and home purchase, the preferred style is modern minimalist. Since the characteristics of modern minimalist style are also very suitable for the matching of small apartment, today I will take a look at the modern minimalist style of the whole apartment with small apartment Picture display.

Small apartment modern and simple picture display

Living area

The characteristics of modern minimalist style are generally simple and bright lines, no unnecessary and no messy colors, style, metal design, and crystal chandelier. It is not complicated and free, then put it in the living room. The sofas and tablecloths, and even potted plants with a little green plants and simple patterned hanging paintings are designed to light up, which is the best decoration style, to give the body and mind a place to rest quietly. Demanding, simple and free, is to be in a comfortable state, warm and moderate.

Color design: white, gray and black are classic colors of modern minimalist style. Combined with other colors, it can play a very good visual stimulating effect, show a unique personality and a certain tension, and can activate the indoor atmosphere and show a A relaxed and harmonious living atmosphere. This is the characteristic of the minimalist design style. In addition, the spatial structure and proportion of the minimalist style are clear, and the appearance reflects a simple and bright style.

Restaurant area

In terms of restaurants, its furnishings are to be beautiful, and the most important thing is to be practical. They cannot be handed in, nor can they be stacked with them. Like all kinds of decorative items, it will also be different because of the different dining environment. The decoration of the restaurant set in the kitchen should be coordinated with the facilities in the kitchen.

Home decoration, sensual is not much, but in the mix, like too many colors, will be giving a feeling of clutter, modern minimalist style, multi-use some black and white tones, it will also give a refreshing a feeling of.

Bedroom area

Indoor walls, sky, ceilings, furniture and even lamps and lanterns are characterized by simple appearance, pure texture and precise craftsmanship. The furniture emphasizes the functional design, the design lines are simple and fluent, and the furniture color is intense, which is the characteristic of modern style furniture.

The above is a case display of pictures of small, modern and simple whole-room furniture.

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