Home decoration must pay attention to the taboo of feng shui, read the life of use!

GO Jiaju

Today, I will talk with you about the feng shui problem. Whether home feng shui has an impact on personal luck or family health, we must pay attention to it. Today I will tell you a few taboos in feng shui. If you can effectively avoid it, you can bring it to you. Good luck.


Health luck

● The entrance door cannot directly face the balcony

The entrance door of the house must not be directly facing the balcony, as this will form a so-called "passing heart", which makes it difficult for the family to gather wealth. As soon as the door enters, the door will leak directly from the opposite window. Of course, the money cannot be retained. You can make a porch cabinet between the gate and the balcony, or place a fish tank at the gate; in addition, you can also make a balcony window to block the balcony.

● Placement of stove

The location of the stove should not be against the back balcony door or kitchen door, otherwise the health of the diners at home will be damaged if the time is long.

● The bathroom door should not be facing the bed

The bathroom is a place that is prone to filth and moisture. If you are facing the bed, it will affect the air in the bedroom and be harmful to health.

● Metal jewelry can help to transport

The interior is matched with some metal furniture or accessories, which can give the space a sense of gravity. If you want to add luck, try to avoid placing dolls or floating objects.

● Avoid the ceiling of the bedroom above the bed

Many family bedrooms have a suspended ceiling on the top, but if the suspended ceiling is located just above the bed, it will be harmful to the human body. When a person sleeps on the bed, there will be a feeling of being pressed by the lamp, which is not healthy.


Qian Caiyun

● The sofa faces the door

The main sofa in the living room should be placed where it faces the door. Sitting on the sofa facing the door, you can feel the movement outside the door. In addition, facing the gate also has a positive meaning of welcoming money.

● Place of bathtub

Fish farming can gather aura, which means to be angry and lucky. However, it should be noted that bathtubs and hydroponic plants should not be placed in the bedroom, because of the characteristics of water, it will hinder the fire properties such as interpersonal relationships and love peach blossoms.



● Do not pile debris on the balcony

Balcony is an important channel for residential gas, should be kept open and bright as much as possible, planting plants should not be too dense, blocking the light.

The balconies located in the southwest and northeast are not suitable for planting plants, otherwise it will adversely affect the family's stomach and luck. Planting plants in the southwest will also affect the hostess's luck, and the northeast will affect the children's education.

● Yellow decoration

Yellow generally represents wealth. The West in the home is the leading cause of business and wealth, so we put yellow furniture ornaments in the West to enhance wealth and career.

The best effect is the lucky luck mascot of the crystal ball, topaz, lucky lucky unicorn, golden toad and so on. They can bring vigorous wealth and make the business flourish.

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