Personalized smart cabinet highlights the situation

Personalized smart cabinet highlights the situation

In recent days, as raw material prices continue to rise, coupled with the current threshold of entry in the cabinet industry, there are more and more cabinet companies participating in the competition. The "cake" has become smaller and the number of people has gone up. The people in the industry are worried and worried about the price increase.

The level of the price is closely related to the cost. For the sake of profit, the floating adjustment of the price is the most direct and effective means. In fact, the cabinet's product production is the source of the cost of the cabinet business, and business management, market channels, marketing, etc. can only be used as a means of throttling.

Taking into account the further release of domestic consumption capacity and demand, as long as cabinet companies continue to improve product quality, consumers may not be able to accept higher-priced cabinet products. In fact, from the analysis of market trends, consumers have put forward higher requirements on product quality, which means that as long as the cabinet quality “up” goes up, prices can naturally follow “up.”

Cabinets are frequently used in daily life, and their environmental performance is of vital interest to users. Consumers will inevitably consider them an important indicator of their choice when purchasing cabinets. Moreover, in recent years, the development of the cabinet industry has led to the awakening of consumer awareness of cabinets, and the environmental protection of cabinets has also become “higher”.

Cabinet companies continue to improve the environmental standards of their products. Plates are the main focus. In this regard, the domestic cabinet companies are generally divided into the European import plate, focusing on the two directions of production of solid wood cabinets. The price of imported plates is high, and the price of solid wood is also rising against the market. Even if the cabinet companies have the strength to develop new types of plates themselves, this investment will not be less. Therefore, to raise the environmental standards of cabinets, the cost of this step in the plate will only become higher and higher. What is even worse is that the environmental protection of the cabinets must also be implemented on the edges, viscose, door paint, and baseboard. In addition, avoiding physical damage and noise pollution from cabinets is also a problem that cabinet companies need to focus on in order to improve their environmental performance.

The smart cabinet technology content is higher. There is a cabinet brand official said that at this stage, smart cabinets are only suitable for display purposes in the country. To truly enter the consumer's life, it is necessary to speed up the improvement of technology and develop market demand. But this does not negate the value of smart cabinets. The smart cupboard is based on the original intention of demonstrating the technological level of the cabinet industry, bringing more convenient and more comfortable kitchen life to consumers. The realization of this original intention requires the strong strength of cabinet companies to provide protection, and companies need the acceptance and recognition of the market and consumers in order to obtain direct benefits.

The new generation of consumers often have more full of curiosity and ability to accept, if the smart cabinet can really have quality and after-sale protection, many people are willing to pay for it. Therefore, intelligent cabinetry is also one of the directions for improving the quality of cabinets.

Personalization highlights the situation is optimistic about the improvement of the material level will inevitably pull the needs of the spiritual level. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of our residents, the requirements for quality of life are also increasingly prominent. Especially after 80 and 90 became an important part of the cabinet consumer groups, the cry for personalization was more than a wave. The personalization of cabinets is more reflected in the details. For example, the color of countertops and plates, the shape of sinks, the space for storage, the baking process, and the quality of hardware accessories have become the magic weapon for cabinet companies to fit the individual demands of consumers.

This unique and ingenious detail is actually the selling point of the cabinet products. The human, material and financial resources that the company spends on these details must ultimately be shouldered by consumers. When the cabinet companies carry out the improvement of old products and launch of new products, they will inevitably brewing a good price baseline in advance. It can be said that the increase in cabinet prices brought about by these quality enhancements does not equate to pure price increase, but indiscriminately increases the added value of cabinets. There is an inevitable link between increased value and higher prices. As prices rise and quality rises, such “price increases” are still acceptable to consumers.

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