Wall Bracket for Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

  • Model NO.: F017C
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Structure: Triangle Bracket
  • Adjusted: With Adjusted
  • Customized: Customized
  • Size: Common
  • Cooling Method: Indirect Cooling
  • Free Samples: Yes
  • Quality: Good
  • Trademark: SANHENG
  • Origin: China
  • Usage: Projector Bracket, Shelf Bracket, Wall Bracket, Air Conditioner Bracket
  • Style: New Classical
  • Manufacturing Arts: Metal
  • Folded: Folded
  • Color: Colorful
  • Quality Standar: Good
  • Price: Cheap
  • Freight: Customer Bear
  • MOQ: 50
  • Specification: CE, CQC, RoHS, ISO,
Product Name:

Air-conditioning Bracket


Wall Bracket for Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit



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3. There are position indicator, control panel, door open/close button and floor selection button in the car. After entering the car, press the floor selection button of the floor you want to go to. If you want the car door to close immediately, you can lift the door close button. The car floor position indicator shows that it has arrived at the floor and can leave after the car door is opened.
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5. Passenger elevators cannot often be used as freight elevators, and no flammable and explosive products are allowed to be transported.

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