Good Rutile Titanium Dioxide Special Easy Tint Reducing

Model NO.: R909
Loading: 22mt/20′fcl with Pallets
OEM: Acceptable
Trademark: Yuejiang
Specification: REACH, SGS, ROHS, ISO9001: 2008
Origin: Shanghai, China
HS Code: 3206111000
TiO2 for Road Marking Paint

We are the main manufacturer of Titanium dixoide in China with 25 years experience, having passed ISO, SGS, REACH etc.
70% of our products are exported and the world Top 500 companies like BASF pigment & SAMSUNG chemical are our buyers.
1.Yuejiang, Rutile and Anatase Titanium dioxide Manufacturer   
3.Equivalent to R996,SR2377,BLR699,KA100 with competitive lower price 

Property R1930
TiO2 content                         % ≥93.0
Rutile content                        % ≥98.0
Color (compared with standard sample)
L*(sample-standard sample)
Not lower than
Matter volatile at 105ºC               % ≤0.5
Matter soluble in water                % ≤0.5
Residue on sieve 45µm               % ≤0.05
PH of aqueous suspension 6.5-8.0
Brightness                          % ≥97.2
Oil absorption                     g/100g ≤19.5
Tinting strength, Reynolds number ≥1850

BK7 Round Plano-convex Cylindrical Lenses

BK7 Round Plano-convex Cylindrical Lenses,Cylindrical Lenses,cylindrical lens for astigmatism,cylindrical lenses vs Spherical Lenses

Our company can produce a variety of specifications, radius, different base material of flat convex cylindrical mirror, flat concave cylindrical mirror, double convex cylindrical mirror, double concave cylindrical mirror, crescent cylindrical mirror and other ordinary cylindrical mirror.
Special cylindrical mirror can also be processed, such as: achromatic cylindrical mirror, parabolic cylindrical mirror, cylindrical ellipsoid and hyperboloid cylindrical mirror, such as aspheric surface cylindrical mirror and cylindrical mirror group.
Materials: optical glasses such as flint glass, ultraviolet fused quartz and infrared fused quartz, as well as optical crystal materials such as calcium fluoride (CaF2), germanium (Ge), Zinc selenide (ZnSe) and silicon (Si)
Focal length: ±5mm -- ±1000mm±1%(TIROPTICS OPTOMATIC2000 test in Germany)
Length: 2 mm - 300 mm + / - 0.1 mm
Width: 2 mm - 150 mm + / - 0.1 mm
Center thickness tolerance: ±0.2mm
Center deviation: 3-5 points
Surface accuracy: /2
Surface quality: 60/40
Effective diameter: 90%
Plating film: according to customer requirements can be coated
In addition, we have more than a thousand kinds of standard products, and some of the standard products in stock to meet your needs
Plano Concave Cylindrical LensesRound Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses

Bk7 Round Plano-Convex Cylindrical Lenses,Plano Convex Cylinder Lens,Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses,Plano-Convex Cylindrical Lenses

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