How to install the floor heating to save money and how to install reasonable

Floor heating is mainly used in northern China, where winter is relatively cold, people will warm up in the comfort of their own to warm, so that the indoor temperature is more comfortable, floor heating is installed under the floor, is a relatively hidden project , so everyone must pay special attention. The following small series for everyone to introduce how to install heating to save money and how to install the heating is reasonable.

How to install to save money

1, choose a good floor heating system

Choosing a good system can effectively save energy, and the cost of energy-saving instructions can be reduced. This can also greatly reduce the cost of later use. The boilers mainly include condensing furnaces and common gas furnaces. The condensing furnace uses advanced condensing technology to recover the heat taken away by the flue gas when it is burned, which is much more energy-efficient than ordinary ones.

2, choose suitable floor heating

The choice of floor heating is also more important, the floor should choose a sheet with good thermal conductivity and more environmental protection. However, in wood flooring, the thermal conductivity of laminate flooring and laminate flooring is good, and it is more suitable for warm floors.

3, good house insulation

The insulation of the house is good for the use of film and television. If the insulation is poor, the heat will be dissipated quickly, and the floor heating will continue to work to supply heat. This will also result in high operating costs. Therefore, we must do house insulation so that we can minimize heat loss.

How to install the floor heating is reasonable

1, installation time hesitated

Some homeowners will neglect the construction process and progress due to busy work during the renovation. When the work is too busy, the drizzle rainy season is not conducive to the installation of floor heating, and other installations in the fall are afraid of the progress, so all kinds of entanglement Many household owners have not been able to keep warm.

2, pick the timing tips

During the year, August-October is the season of renovation, but some northern regions began to turn cold this time, and it was only at this time that planning, decoration, selection, installation, etc. began. After finishing the decoration, it will be almost New Year's Eve. Therefore, I hope that I can use the floor heating to select the summer decoration is a good choice.

3, details determine the success or failure

The laying of floor heating pipes is more complicated. If the pipe layout is not paid attention to when laying, the pipes will cause local non-uniform cooling and heating and affect the normal operation of the boiler. Therefore, when the floor is warmed up, the flat straight paving details must be paid more attention.

Editor's summary: How to install the floor heating, how to install it, how to install it, and how to install the floor heating are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

How to install warm floor heating

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